He loves her everyday,
He loves her just the same,
When the world gives up on them,
They hold each other closer,
Call Jesus just the same,
Calling love to the midnight hour, laying softly in the moonlight, holding love just the same.

This is life in the fast lane,
Perfection every way,
Living life just the same,
A miracle in life,
Doing great even when the signs say stop, keep going just the same, rolling down the lines, the highway never lies, it keeps going.

I seen her face, a mask, crying in the rain, driving forward in the fame, life is just a game, nobody wins it in the end, flying high to the sun, falling to the ground, cause the rays destroyed the wings, melting wax from sides.

The sentence is a life,
Of pain,
And of gain,
Dancing in the rain,
In love,
And in the sorrow,
Life is just a mirage,
Of mirrors and smoke,
Lies, hidden behind the mask,
Words can cut like knives,
Love can turn to hate,
In a mere minute of a space,
Down on the ground,
They will push you into the mud.



Falling from the sun, reaching for the light, falling into the darkness, we shall never see the sun, grace by god, our eyes the windows to our soul, I saw the fires die, the brittle strings cut, our last ties to that which kept us tied to humanity, and to the words of God.

Madness became the norm, our bodies ripped from time, our flesh became the bread, our blood became the wine, we danced into the rain, our bodies became one, our lies became the truth, our sins became the life, and the light became the night.

We did not find that right, the left got up and left, they moved away instead, we found ourselves alive, screaming into fright, our hands gripping our life!!

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