I am a morning person. Mornings for me are beautiful. After a good night’s rest the brain gets the rest it requires and is ready for yet another day to take care of whatever is in store for the day.

I am an early riser. I am up around 5 in the morning every day. After a warm cup of tea I log on to my computer and work there for a while. My garden beckons me.


I stroll in the garden looking at every single plant, every single tree and every single flower. There is always something new to see which makes my day. There are problems too that need care. There will be something broken, or some insects having a hay day.  All that needs to be attended to. I make a list of all what needs attention and pass it on to my gardener.

After breakfast there is the household chores that need attention. I make a shopping list for whatever that is needed to prepare food for the afternoon. We have help around and I only need to see that everything is done the way I want it.



Mine is a set way of life which includes some phone calls, a lot of time on the computer, a lot of time spent with Preiti our pet. She is a joy to be around.  I have cut down my real life socialising a lot. I do that online. I have a few writing sites includiong EliteWriters where I have enough to interact with like minded thinkers and those who share my interests.

My camera is always there as my companion. There is never a day that I do not click. There is enough around – birds, pets, flowers, and most important of all the different moods of the sun.

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