PK is a Bollywood film that shed insight on how an outsider would probably view the concept of religion. It portrayed the story of an alien who came to Earth to conduct research but ended up stranded after having his spaceship remote controller stolen. With an unexpected turn of events, P.K. ends up learning about religion here on Earth and how people have differing religious practices.

Several points about religion and belief were raised by the film. One point was concerned with the existence of a higher deity. P.K. learned that religions named gods differently and these deities are what people aim to please in exchange for favors. Another point was on how a person acquires religion. P.K. learned that humans are not biologically born with religion but rather they acquire it through their parents or the community they are in. The appearances of religions were also shown in the film. P.K. emphasized how religions make people look a certain way—in their clothing, accessories and grooming. The film also portrayed the differing customs that may contradict among religions. P.K. found out that there are religions that would ask for wine but then there are other religions that prohibit alcoholic drinks. Even symbolisms confused P.K. because colors such as white could either mean death or wedding depending on the context of P.K. had no background of. Lastly, the issue of “managers” of religion or religious politics were questioned. The film showed how it is a possibility that the earnest faith of the masses can be abused for the interest of self-serving religious leaders.

Watching the film surely gave the audience a good laugh but more than that, it gave room for contemplation. Practitioners of religion, such as myself, may fail to see the valid points of considerations that have been raised by P.K. in the film. I think the film has given us an outsider point of view in religion so that we may be more critical of our religious practices. It was not suggested that people should shun religion. Rather, it nudges one to think and not blindly follow.

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