April 21st, 2017 – Butte, Montana

So here I am again, another day, another 10 cents in my pockets.

I awoke to the world, a joyful song in my heart, and caffeinated soda in my system.

Apparently, a stir in the political world of Bernie Sanders versus The Democratic Party have made some forget that World War Three is not that far away from becoming a realization.



To forget, we must not remember.

A wise old man once told me that as I sat and waited for the bus.

He also peed himself and was soon in the state hospital for 15 days cause he was on the street corner screaming that the voices were telling him to do bad things.

We shall name him Steve.

“I was in a war once. Hated it. Thou shall not kill….” he sighed. “Religion doesn’t fit into the mind of a solider!”

So we must forget that soon bombs may be falling from the skies, all sides, planes flying overhead, the world ending but gasp….Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat!!!

Somethings people forget is most if not all politicians are not for the “little people”, they are for the Corporations, which, I guess are technically people by the definition of the law.

Silly bastards who think a multi-millionaire, going into the billionaire status are for them, that things would be different with a different set of cobras.

“Which cobra do you want to be bit by?” Steve stated, standing up to wander off to wherever it was he wandered off to. “Both sides will bite you, give you the same poison, the same disease.  Remember to forget…”

So here I sit, losing my mind slowly but surely, wondering how to forget, to forget to join the madness, to join anything but my own madness.

We need to remember to forget…

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