Note to the Elite Writers family – I am posting this here mostly cause I like writing here but will be posting it, slightly edited for general viewership to the local newspaper’s letter to the editor as a reminder what this day is all about — chocolate bunnies! 😉

Sunrise –

Today is Easter.

I’m still a nomadic writer but I am one of the lucky homeless folks who wanders the streets, I have friends, some closer to family than my own family, who care about me, who, with the temperatures in the balmy 18 degrees F ABOVE zero at night, give me a place to sleep.

I have family who worry about me too.



I have my health, both physical and though some would argue otherwise mental.

So I answer myself when I talk to myself, doesn’t everyone?


Okay, strike the mental health and replace with I have all my teeth and I just took a bath here at my friend’s house.

When I make it big, I’m taking Natalie back to Alaska to release her into the wild.

“You’re free!!! Fly buttercup! Fly!” I’ll scream; not too loudly as there are polar bears around who eat us flightless birds when giving the chance.

“Dumbass, I’m NOT a flightless bird, I am a beautiful princess who should be on a tropical beach somewhere with lots of cabana boys bringing me drinks with little umbrellas!! God, releasing me to some iceberg! The nerve!”

Okay, strike that, I shall release her to a tropical beach!

“That’s better!”

I have met some new friends in my recent new chapter of my life of a homeless/nomadic person; good people mostly, just down on their luck but who would still give the shirt off their back.

We have talked, not at length, but just enough to discover we are part of the same tribe, we are all human beings, we bless the days we wake up breathing.

A common blessing I am discovering among the different tribes of this land we call Earth.

Yes, there are folks out here among the homeless who are mentally disabled to the point of being psychotic but in truth, I have met the same type of people in my life as a corporate drone.

Sadly, they were district manager of the Midwest operations of the company.

Sometimes, it is all about opportunity, not skills.

There are good people out here though too, people with families, just trying to stay alive one more day on this third rock from the sun, like everyone else.

They don’t want to be homeless.

People act differently when they discover you are homeless.

Some look down at you, like you are not a human being.

On this day, Easter, and every day, like Tuesday, we should all ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?”

If you don’t believe in Jesus, then ask yourself, “What can I do to make this world a better place? A caring place?” and then remember what your grandmother told you when you told her, you didn’t believe in God.

“No grand kid of mine is going to be a heathen!!! GET TO CHURCH HEATHEN!”

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