I love this time of year — and have even before becoming friends with the amazing Larry “The CanMan” Van Ness back in October of 2013.

Speaking of Larry…I have some updates on him:

At this time, he’s almost halfway to getting to his 13,000,000 tab saved for Ronald McDonald House Of Indiana since he began doing this back in 2003!

If (and I believe he WILL) gets to that goal before the end of 2016, this will be the first time that he has reached one of his million goals twice in one year.  He got to his 12,000,000th this past July 12.



On his next birthday (February 17, 2017), he’ll be 70 years young!

He was on WTHR-13 earlier this year on a segment of Only In Indiana with reporter, Kevin Rader.  CLICK HERE to watch this video — and you’ll better understand why I’m far from being alone in thinking that this is one really amazing guy!

Anyway, this time of year has a lot going on.  If you visit CHRISTI here  (as I did when I arrived here today) you’ll find out that this month is chock-full of lots of really neat special days and things to do.

This is also the month when we celebrate Poetry Day & Poetry Month here in Indiana and other places, too.  I’ve found all kinds of information on this, where poetry is celebrated in a special way in both April & October — and, likely, other times as well.  Personally, I think that October is THE time to celebrate such a holiday, as our own Hoosier Poet, James Whitcomb Riley was born on October 7, 1849.

And who can forget the wonderful tradition (at least, around here) of eating Affy-Tapples!?!  I’m getting my food-stamps on October 17, and the next place I happen to be that’s selling this goodie after my food-stamps (actually, not stamps but, instead, given to me on a plastic EBT card) arrive is going to get my business!  I try to make it a tradition to have a minimum of one Affy-Tapple each October.

Anyway, I’d like to now share one of my poems I wrote about not only October but autumn in general.  This isn’t the only place where it’s been posted, and it won’t be the last, but, hopefully, I’m not going to be breaking any rules by sharing it here.

When Autumn Comes

When autumn comes,
The days grow crisp as apples,
And placid lakes reflect the clear, blue sky
Where geese are southward-bound in v-formation
Emitting joyful noises as they fly.

When autumn comes,
The trees are multicolored,
And dew-kissed pumpkins glisten in the sun
While resting on the ground by shocks and haystacks
Where, after school, the kids have lots of fun.

When autumn comes,
The rising moon seems larger
To lovers who go strolling in the night.
The breeze is mild and has a spicy odor
When peaceful autumn comes,
The world feels right!

Ainsley Jo Phillips
And, on this note, I’ll close and wish all of you a very happy October!!!


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