Planning a trip overseas can be a fun and exciting thing to do but it can also become a chore if a person has never done it before. There are many things to take into consideration when planning such a trip. The person has to think about where they are going. How are they going to get there?  It is always good to know ahead of time what is needed in order to go to that country? Some countries require VISAs of some sort before they will allow anyone into their country. I know here in the US (United States) it is required to apply for a VISA ahead of time. Some countries like Lebanon allow some to get the VISA when they arrive at the airport. Every person should consider getting their passport since it is required to have when traveling overseas. 

A passport is needed to enter many countries.
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Planning a trip that requires a Passport

First thing first, apply in your country for a passport. You will need this in order to enter any country. The requirements and fees for passports vary from country to country. When I got my passport all I needed was my birth certificate, social security card, a small passport photo (it was taken while there) and a fee of $160. It took less than a month to be approved for a passport. 


Once again you will have to check with each country you are planning on visiting to see what their requirements are for a VISA. For this argument, I will use Lebanon as an example.  Since I am of American origin I can obtain a VISA once I get to Lebanon. Lebanon has a few strict rules that other countries may not have. For example, anyone entering Lebanon must not have any stamps in their passport belonging to Israel. You will be denied entry and put back on the plane if you are found to have previously visited Israel. The VISA will be good for up to 30 days but you can always request for an extension up to 3 months. All travelers should hold a return ticket and with a clear address and telephone number where they can be reached in Lebanon. 

 Airline Prices

I can’t stress this one enough. It is very important to shop around for the cheapest ticket possible. I have been wanting to go to Lebanon for over two years now but ticket prices are extremely high no matter when I wanted to go. I started to shop around. Since I don’t live close to an Internation airport, my prices will be higher than most people. I started thinking about alternative ways of getting to the places that have International airports. I live exactly 8 hours away from Houston, Texas. It would cost me under $90 by Greyhound bus (round trip) to get there. 



It is always a good idea to show around for the cheapest plane tickets. Courtesy of Pixabay

Since I now know how I will get to Houston, I will have to search for a reasonable price for a round-trip ticket. There are many different websites that insist they have the cheapest airline prices but you will have to compare them to each other in order to determine that. Keep in mind if you buy directly from the airline the prices are way cheaper than these websites. 

I have never heard of Qatar Airways until just a day ago. I gladly looked at their site to see what prices they had to offer. I was shocked at the prices they were offering for roundtrip prices for the trip I wanted to take. In the past, I was looking at prices ranging from $700 on up to over $2,000. The prices on Qatar website was really cheap. I could get a great deal by using Qatar Airways. I am now looking at paying around $330 for a roundtrip flight from Houston to Beirut. 

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