Knowing that our Christmas was to be a bleak one, I kept praying that we might be blessed with a small event that I would consider a miracle. I wanted my only two nephews to simply pay us a short visit.

Well, Christmas arrived. Mom and I were watching television late in the afternoon when we heard a knocking at the door. I answered and was blown away at the sight of my two nephews on my porch holding two boxes.

Poor mama did not recognize them at first. The boys did not buy us any presents. But, I did not care. They were my present from God, as far as I was concerned. They did bring us a box of assorted food items including snacks. Plus, a box of extra items they no longer needed. There was a blu-ray player, computer speakers, digital TV converters and about a dozen movie dvds. They may have been used but all were in excellent condition.

They say that beggars cannot be choosers. I truly appreciated all the items.



The boys visited for about a half hour or so. We talked a lot about what they had been up to lately. I was glad to hear their father was recovering more from his shingles outbreak. He suffered from the lingering pain. Stories of his cooking made me laugh so much, I never felt so good.

My prayer was answered with a resounding yes. This Christmas we received a bonafide miracle. Thank you God. Amen.

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