When I was a child three of my grandparents were still on this side.

My paternal grandparents lived on a farm close to Richardsville, Kentucky, and my maternal grandpa lived on a farm in the village of Cunot, Indiana — a place that, at one time, had its own post office but was now on the route covered by Cloverdale, Indiana. There were some people further south that were on the Poland, Indiana mail route.

But this isn’t about mail routes. I was just giving you that info so that you could find the general locations on maps.

Anyway, there were pumps at both places.



The way you got water out of the well (Kentucky) or cistern (Indiana) was to move the pump handle up and down until it forced the water up the pipe high enough to get it to come out the spout.

When it was working, it was always wise to take out extra water for those times when it wasn’t. This would be used to prime the pump — that is, to pour water down the top of the pump to remind the pump that it was supposed to be bringing up water.

This, of course, was during those times when the water-level was running low.

Somehow, this always seemed to work.

Anyway, I came over to find out that my account was now considered to be inactive since it had been months since I had added anything — and this is where the idea behind priming the pump comes in.

This isn’t the article to tell you about pumps, wells, cisterns, and kinfolks.

Not to worry! You’ll be hearing plenty about them in the future.

No, the purpose of this article is to prime the pump — because I was told that, in order to be activated again, I needed to write something.

Once I have gotten that taken care of, I’ll be able to write about anything and everything.

For now…as of the posting of this little slice-of-life…my pump should be primed…That’s all for now…

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