In the previous week, I have been working the whole day, literary from dusk to dawn and I feel magnificent.
It was a little bit disappointing to find that many of my endeavors are not rewarded, but I am not giving up on anything. I will do, analyze, rinse and repeat until I find the best possible le pick for myself and my work. I don’t care how much work and effort it will take.
The last night I dreamed something really weird but nice. The dream itself was nothing special but messages it contains was.
We all have our own potentials, a hidden treasure so to say, but we have to get rid off all the fleeting desires and just focus on what we truly want in life.
The desires will vanish and usually, they leave the people who are inclined to them lingering empty with no focus, goal, and life to start with it.
This is not a meaning of the life, I am just saying what I dreamt and it gave me some great ideas and more energy to spend on the things I want to do.
Nevertheless, it is really weird from whom these messages were coming in my dream, and even more – WHY?

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