I was just preparing my outdoor plants for the coming cold snap, when another one of those rogue thoughts came into my mind. Some people call them a moment of enlightenment. I just call it a roaming mind.

We tasks such great care to protect our plants but we do little to nothing about our people. You know the ones. The people who do not have the best homes to live in. I have heard them referred to as the working poor. A polite misnomer if ever there was one.

Did you know that many must avail themselves of rental homes for a place to live? Normal you say? Maybe, but many landlords rent these dwellings with no built in heating source such as gas lines or fireplace. Can you guess what these people employ to heat their homes, the homes where reside men, women,children, infants, and elderly.

A majority must resort to using electric space heaters. Space heaters are great for minimal use and for small spaces. For a small two bedroom house to be warm requires at least four to five heaters. Imagine their monthly light bill during the winter months. Imagine also that each one is an extreme fire hazard. So much so that some shut them off during night time hours.



My thought process made me wonder why all homes, no matter what the size or value,were required by law to have central heating or similar heating source before anyone could dwell within. Would that not be the decent thing to do instead of renting homes without such and demanding the same dollars as places that do have heating?

Maybe it is time to look at this situation more closely and make it right. Otherwise, just rent folks an open barn to reside in. Joseph and Mary made it through alright with baby Jesus. I guess the modern day working poor can do the same.

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