Oh my God! I think and therefore I have more random thoughts scrambling around in my head. Who wants me to share them? Nobody? Well, you are out of luck.

No.1. Catch phrases are often used by us, but I wonder if we really know why. Maybe somebody will fund a two million dollar study to find the useless answer. My catch phrase is “down in the valley”. Why I say it? Who knows? The valley refers to the southern most part of Texas,, the agricultural part. I have never visited there during my lifetime but as a child I would hear other Hispanics refer to their traveling there. I do remember enjoying the bags of grapefruit they brought back.

No.2. Why is it that after donating billions of dollars over the years, there still exist massive amounts of poverty I America? I can see no logical reason other than the elite of our country needing to usurp the inherent power of the lower class. As far as how to get the job done, I think it is a relatively simple task. We just need to want to do it. We need to set new social parameters. We need to think in terms of the whole and not the few.

That was just the second installment of my random thoughts



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