Pumpkin carvings have been around for generations and it’s a tradition that some families like to keep with their young ones. Pumpkin or turnip carving was first used to help ward off any evil spirits during Halloween (Samhain). Faces were carved into the pumpkin and a candle would be placed inside after it has been emptied of its contents. The pumpkin was then used a lantern outside of the house. 

Pumpkin Carvings

pumpkin carving

Carving faces into Pumpkins – Pixabay

It is now possible to buy pumpkin carving kits from places like Walmart or even Target. These kits have the tools to do the carving as well as a few stencils. Most people like to carve scary faces onto their pumpkins while others like carving something harder like a scenery. 

I actually found a site that will let you download free patterns from their website. Just keep in mind when actually carving a pumpkin, it takes time and dedication for it to come out right. It’s not an easy thing to do and sometimes take practice. 

Pumpkin Seeds

When cleaning out the inside of the pumpkin I always like to keep my pumpkin seeds. You can do one or two things with the seeds. (1) You can replant the seeds the following year in order to grow your own pumpkins. This will help keep the costs down in the future. (2) You can roast your seeds that you can personally eat or you can feed them to the birds. My son loves pumpkin seeds so I roast the seeds for him. 



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