Chow chow is a distinctive dog breed with a striking appearance, independent cash spirit surprisingly to be a fiercely loyal best friend.
He is not exactly a small apartment dog as a breed is quite big, so he needs space and walks filled with activities.
He has no problem with the cold weather, but hot and heat can be a problem. Especially be careful of the air conditioning and central heating if you have this dog because he can become restless and nervy.
He is downright suspicious to any strangers, so be careful when you are bringing home some friends, as Chow chows even being friendly can go into a blatant snarl for no reason at all.
Forgot about dog friends, unless you are exceptionally lucky Chows don’t tolerate much of the four-legged competition.
Because they have a thick fur they are crazy to maintain, but they don’t shed so easily. Unlike some people think that Chows are kept only for their beauties, these are actual working dogs in real life.

They are not entirely on the far bright scale when it comes to an intelligence so training is quite often difficult. But if you want a loyal companion who will jealously defend you, this is an exact dog for you.

He is big enough and strong to save you from a trouble so that is a big plus.

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