If you stay around Christians long enough, you are bound to hear them say “Glory to God” at least once in their conversation. At first you might wonder what they are talking about. Eventually, you will sense that they are giving honor to God for something wonderful that has happened in their lives. When a person is blessed in some way by getting a new job, a job promotion, a new house, getting married or having a baby, that person is willing to give God glory instead of thinking he is the one who brought the blessing on himself.

To say, “Glory to God” is simply a person’s way of thanking God for His blessings and miracles. The Bible records the word “glory” 350 times. About 50 of those references are the Psalms where the psalmists acknowledged God’s majesty and power.  That shows how important it is to give God the glory for the good things He has done to make our lives better.

If we would summarize why people say, “Glory to God,” we would conclude there are three main reasons.

  1. “Glory to God” is said to indicate that God is first in our lives.
  2. “Glory to God” is said to acknowledge the majesty of God. Even the heavens declare the glory of God, according to Psalm 19:1.
  3. “Glory to God” is said when we experience God’s presence and power.

Our expression of love, honor, and gratitude often come out in three words: “Glory to God.”



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