Sitting on the front porch, I’m thinking, which, is a horrible thing to do.

This can lead to bad, good, indifferent things, words put to page, in an attempt to get the thoughts from my brain and out into the world.

The country, the apparent United States of Confusion, seems splintered, cracked, divided to the point of breaking into a billion pieces.

The political system is a mess, a badly acted reality series messing with things that affect many people, even outside the boundaries of the U.S.A.



Nuclear war looms closely over the horizon.

Two men trying to outcock the other in a global cockfight that could lead to the mass extinction of the human race by just a push of a button.

Racial inequality sadly still is an issue along with poverty, homelessness, unemployment and under-employment.

Major cities are going bankrupt and the citizens are so divided on even the simpliest of issues that internal battles can erupt into major wars on the streets of the cities.

I believe, from what I have seen, we the people are more divided than we were during The U.S. Civil War over a wide range of issues.

Am I proud of what I am leaving to the next generation?

Will there be anything left to leave?

Will there even be an United States of America left in 50 to 100 years?

A habitable Earth?

I cannot answer that; my crystal ball is broken.

Even on such questions, with scientific evidence and outright proof, there is a massive division between the sides; deep dark pits on topics such global weather change, militarization of the police force against its own citizenry, a deep division in race, creed, economic haves and have nots.

All leading to a new revolution in ideas and thoughts further splitting the groups into more dangerous shards of broken cutting glass.

Where do we go from here?

Is it too late to pull away from that abyss?

Again, I don’t have an answer.

I don’t even know if anyone has an answer.

I can hope and dream that we do pull away in time, to leave a better world for us and the future generations to come.

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