From the Book of Jal: Chapter One –

In the beginning there was nothing, and the Gods, as most do, became bored with the endless lifeless universe they had created and soon, formed from the fires of time, and the clay from the waters of life, they did create humanity, and they placed them into the world, for Their amusement and play.

And hence began Silvermynx…


Into the sun we cried, our eyes burned out from the accursed rays, our heads held high in battle against the fierce winds.

We had, in words of those who screamed the loudest, sinned against the holy tablets, the words of Jal, straight from his blessed lips 10,000 years before.

We were banished into this most forsaken land, the desert sands ripping our flesh from our bones as we laid dying there.



“Who do the great buzzards feed upon?” cried the mother wolf to the holiest of the moons, the Goddess Karal.

We heard murder in the wind, Godless spirits from the ancient times, laid low in the tall sharp  grasses, their eyes mere sockets, their bones bleached from the relentless burning sun.

In another life, they were just like us, sainted, god-fearing men, now cast aside, like merely trash.

“Demons!” screeched the woman in the town square, her hair flying wildly as she waved her hands about “He practices the forbidden dark arts! And bewitched my blessed virgin daughter into immoral acts!” she continued, pointing her accusing finger at me.

“Tis true! Tis true!” screamed her now tainted daughter, pregnant with my child.

I was judged without a judge and executed without an executioner.

Here, in these cursed lands, I would die.

Who truly though wants to live forever?

But the old Gods had other ideas.

They did not let me die in a quick and peaceful death.

And from the sky, the rains did fall, and landed against my burned and chapped lips.

It was a savior in a most cursed way.

I soon found enough strength to pull myself up, then, to stand, a bit wobbly at first.

I soon found food, a deer, and then shelter, an old den of a mother bear and her three cubs.

It was renewed life, a rebirth I was giving, a second chance, and I took it with an evil grin on my lips and revenge in my heart.

I vowed to kill them all, those villagers, to rip their still beating hearts from their chests.

The Gods gave me weapons and fierce loyal men for me to lead.

Soon, the villagers screamed in pain and terror as the fires consumed them, and our swords ripped into their flesh.

We feasted on their hearts, the home of their souls, for then they would not know the pleasures and rewards of the after life in B’Ha.

It was their punishment for falsely accusing innocence in unfair trials of witchcraft and sorcery.

We, my army, soon after the battle, became restless and wanted our weapons to taste more of the blood of the evil ones, those deemed not worthy of living in this world, the Outsiders.

Soon we rushed the great walls of Tarel and soon that city fell.

And there, at its tall spirals, I became king, S’vence of the Seven Sands.

They, the outsiders, our enemies, called me ‘Jehad’ in their native tongue, or demon god to ours.

And death would soon come to them in the form of my army.

I am J’Kalara, Lord and Master of All.

A fair ruler in my mind but strong with the saber and my dragons when needed.

I did not fear the use of the torture racks when needed and would disembowel my traitorous in the blink of the great vultures’ eyes.

I am the God-King, no one can stand against me, I am The Demon all fear the most, even in their dreams, I am there.

I fear no one, even the Gods tremor with the mere mention of my name.

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