Social networks are good for sharing your work with people at large. At the same time, it is not advisable to make significant comments about the company in which you are employed. It is because it may cause labor unrest with the company or with its workforce. At times, it may even cost your job.

Different types of social networks have different uses. There are different types of social networks for different purposes. Popular among them are Twitter and Facebook. Facebook has a more playful character or the purpose of putting people in touch. LinkedIn on the other hand are characterized by being professional in social networks.

You should also avoid unknown contacts on social networks. It is advisable not to accept requests for friendship or to add people that you do not know, to your social network since they may not carry good intentions and may cause you harm sooner or later.

Use photographs and videos of third parties with caution. If you are going to upload images or videos of other people, or tag them, and if you think they may harm your reputation, the best you can do is ask them for permission first before actually using them.



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