There is no plant that attracts so much attention and curiosity but the Dionaea, or the carnivore plant. There are a few distinctive species of the carnivore plants but the one with traps is the most popular.

In some movies you will see a huge, gigantic carnivore trap-plans, but the scale of the sizes is quite unrealistic.

Flytrap is rather small and very sensitive.

The trigger mechanism is pretty complex, a plant doesn’t react on the first touch, but only on a second if it happens after 20-ish seconds of a delay. This spares some energy to a plant because snapping an insect requires additional resources.



These plants evolved on the acid rich soils that offer little to none necessary nutrients, so the additional way of getting it evolved from the bottom leaves of the plant.

A fly trap, therefore, has two sets of the flowers.  The first set is modest white flowers situated on long stems away from the killing mechanism, and the second ‘flower-like’ structures are evolved leaves which distribute insect-attracting scent and they are usually brightly colored and red.

A fly trap requires a little care, but also an ‘additional’ meal from time to time, in a form of an acceptable insect. If not it may suffer malnutrition and quickly drop.


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