The tadpoles are young of a frog.

Now, when that information sunk in, we can continue to discuss what tadpoles eat in captivity. Because I have a full bottle of them and I am kind of a hot mess- well frog-mess- from yesterday.

I have no idea what to do with them; they are just swimming around in that bottle and I am watching them struggle with the transparent wall.

The puddle I took them from is doomed to be dried up soon, it so only filled with the water for a few days, which is just not enough for frogs to fully develop.



They are in the fish state for about 7-9 weeks, and if a temperature drops sometimes even longer.

Tadpoles are not needy, they are mostly vegetarian – maybe they will snack on some rotten insect, but mostly they eat algae and vegetation.

Luckily for me, it was easy to find that they will be more than pleased with a pinch of a well-boiled salad and occasionally some fish food.

So, for now, I have that covered, and I also see they are pushing each other around a little piece of an apple I put them in there.

Today I will go back to a pond and take some more of a water because I forgot to let my tap water sit for a day so I have nothing to change them today.

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