The News, News, News. Is there such a thing as too much news? I only ask this because politics seem to be a jumble. There is more hearsay and misreading than I can even keep up with. I usually do not watch the news or even read what most people consider gospel. I cannot fathom a world where honesty and openness even exists.

People recite what they have read, well how they remember what they have read, and tell me of the changes that have taken place. It is a wonder anyone gets anything done with the chaos and slanted stories fueling people’s fire. The interpretation of the articles based on individual thoughts get confused or misinterpreted. Everyone has an opinion.

I really feel bad for the elderly who do not know that reporters and news articles no longer have fact checks. They believe everything written and usually misread something in print.

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My mother-in-law frantically worried the other day about the new health care reform bill. In all honesty, it is enough to scare the life out of an older person. It didn’t do much for me either. The point is a lot of the bill, IF PASSED, will not go into effect for several years. Hopefully, that will give people enough time to propose another reform bill. She thought it had already been passed and that she would have to pay even more for health insurance since she is older.

I see where a lot of what Trump wants to do will help people, but honestly government does not belong in personal business. All Obama did with this health care is start the increase of prices on insurance, the decline of treatment and a slew of clinics that still charge ridiculous amounts even though they get government funding since they are suppose to help the poor.

Paying over 10% of your income for health insurance should be considered price gouging on the insurance industries part. Requiring people to buy health insurance translates into absurdity if no price limits do not exist. How is someone suppose to afford $350 for insurance when they make $1800 a month and have a mortgage payment of $850. How are they suppose to afford life insurance, car payments, and utility bills. Something has to give somewhere.

I say make insurance companies lower their prices and have doctors and hospitals adjust the prices as well. Just walking into an emergency room can cost over $1500. Why? Especially if you don’t have anything major done to you.

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Ranting more about health care is pointless when there are frequent and plentiful political articles. Too much information confuses people. What is worse is when the articles slant or make it sound like something has happened that has not.

There is too much information floating around that is confusing citizens. Maybe it is suppose to confuse, maybe that is what the government is hoping; maybe they want citizens confused and chasing false information so the government can do whatever they are doing that they don’t want us to know about. Should I be a conspiracy theorist???

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