I know that most of you will scream snakes at the very mention of the scary animal al to put on this list, but that is not the case.

It has been proven that the most scarier animal al, or the one with the most people having either a healthy fear of it or unhealthy, whatever is, in fact, an alligator, which you have to admit is a really nasty looking predator and he is truly dangerous. Some of these monsters grow lengthy in size and pose a real threat.

Following, the coyotes, wolves and foxes – and anything alike and between. people have the innate fear of these animals even if they are not very dangerous.

Then, the bears – the true danger that you can avoid – don’t take selfies near them and avoid any contact, unless you are in a zoo, then stay away from the fence.



People fear pigeons! This is incredible, but some people scream they lungs out on a sight of a hungry flock of flying sweeties, and my only worry is how much bread I actually need because nothing is enough.

Shark is a true danger, stay away.

The bats, even ugly like that, are really no danger whatsoever. I also like them.

Bed bugs, mice, snakes, and spiders all come at the far end of a list,  meaning that a lesser number of people actually fear them.


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