Good day to all! As soon as you’re reading this, I’d highly assume that you’ve heard it already. It’s basically plastered on news worldwide. But in case for some insane reason you haven’t heard, well Trump won the election. Yup, that sour-faced orange guy. Kidding aside, the world is pretty taut in the moment. What now? What’s next? Is this one of those tragic events Nostradamus prophesied?

I know nothing about prophesies but I should can tell you of the little world/American history that I know.

You see, the last time the Republicans had the White House, the House and the Senate was during 1928. What happened in 1929? Yup, the Great Economic Depression. Now how about in 2009 when the Republicans had the White House? Oh yeah, the homes market bankruptcy.

I’m not trying to be evil or negative here (maybe just a wee bit negative), but hey, I’m just here with a few facts here and there. Anyways, the aforementioned events might have nothing to do with the Republicans (or do they). They might have as well be mere coincidences that are beyond everyone’s control.



What I do hope for that comes after the elections is that the people will accept the fact that the government system is far from perfect. It is far from the utopian government that exists to serve the best interests of its people. Nevertheless, I believe that mercy and kindness CAN come from us individuals. I think the people as a WHOLE truly build the nation. Yes, an awful government is a tough spot manage, but hey, breaking the stereotypes and having an open heart is the way to go.

Look at my country, we’ve dealt with shitty politics too but what truly breaks my heart is the hate the people have driven from ignorance or misinformation. So yeah, I think it’s pretty important for the people to live for what’s right and fight for the principles they believe in. Help a neighbor out there, we’re all living hard lives.

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