From time to time, I refer to a New York Times that features writing topics. The topic for this post is: Under What Circumstances do you Work Best.

Under What Circumstances do I Work Best?

For me, I work best alone. At my current job, I work with others and it is not that bad. However, I would like to be self-employed, where I can work alone for the most part. This sounds nice to me.

Why I Work Best Alone?



I work best alone for many reasons. Here is a list:

My Own Pace

Working alone allows me to move at my own pace. I did a lot of group work in college, and now at my current job. I have to communicate with others, and match their speed to get assignments done. I do not like it. If I work alone, I will not have to do this.


In addition to the things listed in the paragraph above, I like the silence that comes with being alone. When I am creating something, I do not like a lot of noise in the background. I am easily distracted when other people are making noise. Do you need silence to be creative?


Last but not least, I work best in creative environments. I like to be creative. I found that I am doing my best work when I am creative. I look exploring ideas that I have in my mind. Do you need a creative environment?

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