Promoting your brand name, product or service in the blogosphere is a popular and highly effective method when used along with all the other available good methods. Right now, promoting the above through various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ as well as forums are used by most of the people. 

Besides sharing on various social networks and forums, it is a good alternative to attract target audience when the optimization of sites and its pages are promoted in search engines like Google and Yahoo. All the same happens with your blog too. However, the promotion of blogs has a unique feature. 

Blog moves in the search engines and directly in the blogosphere. If your blog is ready in all respects, you must at once register it in the search engines by clicking on the link from another site or wait until the search engines index it on its own.  

In the latter case, that is when the search engine indexes the blog on its own, it is more successful. If you want to obtain additional references, it is better for you to add your blog in the directories too. It is desirable because the search engines perfectly indexes such resources.



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