Sometimes I think what activities are most inspiring and give joy to me? It depends on my inner state. Sometimes I want to work actively on creating something, sometimes I want to be engaged in intellectual work.

In the past I was more demanding for my activities. Because the process or result had to involve me fully. Now I understand that the essence of this hook is within me. It’s like a muscle for to experience contact. If the muscle is weak, in order the contact to occur I needed an extreme or very valuable processes. Then I was very selective for the activities and environment as I could not work anywhere and anytime.

Now, I discover myself even more in a simple processes. Because the contact now is more dependent on myself. And if I am able to focus on a process, I fall into the flow where time stops, the noise pauses and I meditate in my activity. This can be simple talk with my inner child, music playback, writing articles. It is important to learn how to create contact with everything what you are doing. And I love this. When you pass this school of life, everything makes you happy.

At present, most of the time I spend working with people and spending time with children. Of course, there are many unplanned things, and usually it is meetings with other people. And there already is no matter what we do. Because it becomes a presence.



For me it is important to be in contact. Even when I work with someone, I reflect on myself – how much I am in contact, how much I feel this man, how much I like him. The same internal process I experience when I am working with my texts. I like calibrate my relationship with what I’m doing. And if it’s comes out hard for me, then I understand that I’m lying to myself. If a lot of effort is needed to find a life in the activities, perhaps better to look for it elsewhere? On the other hand, I call it self-justification, as if life is elsewhere. That you see when you stop dividing the world into the living and the dead.


Photo by Pixabay.

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