If you have already started to create a website, you are sure to have come across the word ‘keyword’. And even though it is very important, not everyone knows exactly what these keywords are and why are they so important. If you are one among them, then this article will guide you and make you a master of keywords.

Let us start with its formal perception on the web. Keywords are words or group of words that describe the topic of a website or the subject of content, and are used by search engines in order to provide accurate and relevant results.

Once you understand exactly what the keywords are, it is very much easier to realize how important the keywords are for your website. Keywords are the ones that will make your website found by people who are looking for the things you offer.

It may be either your website as a personal blog, a portfolio of photos or an online store. Proper use of keywords is one of the determining factors in the success of a website. It is because keywords are responsible for the organic or natural traffic (which is free) on your website and without traffic a website cannot survive.



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