01/10/2018: Where do I begin?

Seriously, Jack, where do I begin?

The road is still out there; misfits, prostitutes, drug induced fantasies and other beasts still travel down it, not maybe the same route, those routes you traveled seemingly no longer exists but you can still get to the same destinations.

Butte, Montana still caters to the drunken debauchery of its youth, only now it does it as an old man, still full of life in the soul, but the body is weak.



Louisville, Kentucky still breathes, slow , easy puffs of air, rolling from the lips, the same debauchery, just now at a different level.

The youths still do their thing, beating that drum, and the adults still cringe, telling themselves they were never like that, pointing at some youths standing on the street corners; Fifth and Main.

“Our music had soul!”

Isn’t that what their parents said about them?

I turned on the news today; I really shouldn’t have.

Made a new drinking game – rules are easy!

Rule #1: Every time the news makes you mad, you have to take a shot, any shot of anything, so in ten minutes you won’t care, cause, you’ll be dead.

Dead, man, ain’t that the ultimate goal?

Life is a killer; no one gets out of here alive.

Still cruising on the effects of ethanol and coffee; found the combination on a roadside truck stop outside of Denver, Charlie was there, still dead, though no one seem to realize it till the smell was really bad.

“I got to take a poop!” I say.

Four hours later, still taking that poop.

As a child, I got “reviewed” for entry into a Catholic school.

I know, even dead, you’re laughing at the thought of that, me, a unconfirmed atheist at heart, sitting in front of a Father’s desk, his words slipping out questions, “Do you….” I shrug.

My Pop knew a guy who knew the Father but in the end, seriously, it was my choice I didn’t enter the priesthood or whatever.

Sister Mary praised not only Jesus but Zeus as well.

“The boy isn’t right!” she said, making the sign of the cross as I left.

And to this day, I know she was right about that!

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