Writer’s Block! It happens to the best too!!

It is that famous moment when you stuck with your writing, your head is completely empty and you don’t know where to turn for the help and inspiration.
Everything is blank around and inside you, and there is nothing to put on a paper.
Tips and prompts may help, taking some time to get a grip with your story is also a good thing to do. You have to write every day, but you don’t need to write the same thing. Draft something or make emails. This condition is usually a temporary setback and it doesn’t last long.

Organize Before Writing

It is okay if you can write without previous preparation, because it saves lots of valuable time, and nobody has lots of time to take it just for writing. Being spontaneous is a very good thing if you are writing relaxed and something that is not difficult, but for the bigger tasks and longer projects you will need some kind of a schedule application or a notebook to save and sample everything that you write or what have you planned to write some day.
You may use Evernote, Google Drive, GNotes or yWriter5 in the case that you want to write a novel. It is a good thing to organize so that you don’t spend too much time trying to find missing files.



I am less digital, I use a board and I have calendar sheets and I stick paper stickers with my tasks on it. It is working better than any program.


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